Named for the color of their skin. The grey orcs once inhabited the jungles of Galpar, a wild land bordering the ancient kingdoms of the Valley. Race warrior and barbarian customs according to men, entered into combat with these when some of the kingdoms began to expand their territory.
During the long wars, the Necromancer was persuading the different orc clans to ally themselves under his command and join in a single force that would destroy the entire Valley. After many defeats and not seeing another exit to face the Alliance of the Kingdoms, they agreed to the propositions of the Necromancer, who strengthened and modified the Orc race with dark arts for war.
They had almost won the war, but the Necromancer trusted. After the Great Battle, the orcs had to hide underground to avoid being exterminated. They are a surviving race, strong and with great skill, a race full of thirst for revenge against those who left them at the mercy of the underground. They know the terrain where they fight and they are fierce fighters who camouflage themselves in the underground, setting up ambushes. Their main allies are the spores that grow in their tunnels and weapons with hard stones like metal.

Contains: 1Dol Orc and 4 Warriors.

Need montage and painted.

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Grey Orcs

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